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A Logical Consequence

In the Politico, David Rogers laments there are no rules now in Washington. Everybody is doing there own thing. Well of course they are. For the last four years, Democrats have championed the President more and more going it alone. They have watched the President overstep the boundaries of his … [Read More...]

The ruling party candidate wins in Zambia… for now.

Opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema, 52, of the United Party for National Development (UPND), casts his ballot at a school in Lusaka’s affluent Kabulonga suburb on Jan. 20. Hichilema cried fraud just hours after polling stations opened in a tightly contested race to replace Michael Sata, … [Read More...]

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Auschwitz no, Saudi Arabia yes!

What would you say if instead of attending the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Barack Obama went to Saudi Arabia to pay his respects to a King who neither liked Jews or Israel? Once again, read an article about a President who on a continual basis embarrasses the nation!Read … [Read More...]

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Against Terrorism — But for What?

Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that France “is at war with terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism.” This tells us what France is fighting against. But what is France fighting for in this war on terror? For terrorism is simply a tactic, and … [Read More...]

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Monkey Cage

Political scientist Martha Derthick has died

Martha Derthick (Miller Center, University of Virginia) My colleague Martha Derthick, one of the nation’s most distinguished scholars of American government and public policy, passed away Jan. 12. As her obituary in The Washington Post highlights, Martha had an illustrious career in both academia … [Read More...]

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