1900 Percent Beer Tax: The Democrats have gone crazy!

roguedeadguy6pack 1900 Percent Beer Tax: The Democrats have gone crazy!When I heard this, I thought I was going to hear a punchline, but no, this is for real! The Democrats in Oregon are trying to get a bill passed that would increase the tax on a barrel of beer (that is two kegs for you and me) from $2.60 to $49.61, this could add as much as $2-$4 per six pack! Some of my favorite beer comes from Oregon, and no, this would not effect me here in Texas, where we already pay high beer taxes, but, it would cause big layoffs or basically the shutdown of these small breweries, that is just wrong!

The reason they want to do this is to raise money for the treatment of drugs and alcoholism! Now, this just doesn’t make sense, give the drunks free beer it would be ok then! As far as the drugs go, I hear that some of the best weed comes from Oregon, say they are already covered! My point is, we all need to start watching the government very closely, since Obama got elected, the Democrats are going nuts! If you want to read more on this, read this article, “Outrage brewing over proposed 1,900% beer tax hike“.

As it is, the Lefties have already taken corn away from us to make fuel, corn which is used in many beers (not the good ones like Rogue) that you buy, like Bud, Miller, etc. Corn is supposed to be food not gas, use oil for gas, not food!  Ethanol is for drinking, not driving! We need to drill and build refineries, not increase the cost of food! This is just one more step in Fedzilla’s plan to take control of our lives, watch out America, it could get really ugly if we let this kind of thing happen!