Can you be too diligent when it comes to facts?

Fact, what a funny little word, to me, a fact is concrete, no negotiation, no questioning, no doubt, it is a fact, if it is not a fact it is an opinion, and an opinion is open for discussion, but a fact is not.

If someone tells a lie about something, and says that it is a fact, as in a witness of an event makes a statement saying that it is true, does that make it a fact?

When a politician says that he or she did or didn’t do something, and a quick fingered blogger writes a story based on what they said, does this become a fact?

Yesterday I read an article at that is a bit confusing, or maybe misleading? Yes, as a blogger, one is usually interested in just getting the article finished, a marketer, writing copy about a product, well, that seems to be a bit of a different thing to me, and yes, that is my opinion, but if a question may have multiple answers that are all correct, where are the facts? This article is telling bloggers or copywriters not to be too diligent because the facts may change at some unknown point in time? If it is all about content and not the facts, why even bother to write about it? Is it just about getting the correct words all in one nice little pile so that the search engines will like that page? I say screw the search engines, when a blogger, or copywriter is doing an article that involves facts, get them right or don’t write about it at all!

In my opinion, this article is telling all the bloggers that read it, and yes, this is  very powerful website, don’t worry about the facts, just get the story written, even if it is incorrect, one day, it may become fact, who knows, maybe one day the world that we know is round, I have seen pictures, could be determined to be square? Come on folks, the earth being round is a fact, unless, you change the definition of round, and the definition of square, hmm, sounds to me like what the progressives try to do about everything anyway. I am sorry, but facts are facts, they do not change, if they do, then they were not facts to begin with!