Election Day 08: Is this the begining, or the end? Who will it be, Obama or McCain?

voting day Election Day 08: Is this the begining, or the end? Who will it be, Obama or McCain?Well, election day finally got here, but will it all be over after tonight? What kind of crap do you think will happen? Will ACORN and the likes succeed in ruining what is supposed to be a basic American civil duty, the act of voting? At the time I am writing this there are already lawsuits being filed, what is going to happen? Will the Black Panthers cause any problems as some suspect? What is the future of our great country if either candidate wins? Does anybody really know?

Here is what I think, America will survive! Regardless of which side you are on and which candidate wins, America will go on! Remember the 2000 election? It took what, 36 days before it was all settled, I see this election year as being worse! Why? Because after being defeated the last two elections, the democrats are pissed off and will do “Whatever it takes” to win!

My fears are not of just losing, I am sure that everybody knows who I voted for, John McCain, and I did that early, I knew that the lines would be too long to wait, and I have been waiting to vote for John McCain since 2000! My fears are of what will happen, during this voting process that will effect future elections. As pitiful as it sounds, there are many that are voting for the wrong reasons. Voting for or against someone just because of their race is just so wrong in so many ways. Many Americans are doing this very thing, here is an example, I heard Charles Barkley say something like, “I like John McCain, but America is going to have a black President”, we all know Barkley has a loud mouth, that’s why we love to hate him! Barkley makes watching the NBA on TNT fun, during half time, he cracks me up! He is just as opinionated as I am, and here is the funny part, we agree on some things but on others we are as opposite as it can be, it is entertainment, but this election isn’t about fun, it is about America.

So, if Obama wins, so be it, that will take America someplace new, and hey, I might even get a check! I don’t see anything positive in an Obama win, except that it will put blacks and whites on an even playing field, finally! Racism is a double edged sword, but only one side ever gets criticized, maybe that will change? Yes, if Obama wins, America will change, it will move radically to the left.

If McCain wins, well, I hope the riots aren’t too bad! I almost want Obama to win so I don’t have to hear about how “The white man is keeping the black man down” anymore! Maybe somebody will realize that it is “The black man keeping the black man down”! If McCain wins, the country won’t change in the same way as if Obama does, it will remain on a more centrist course, this is the only thing McCain and Bush have in common, but, that is what America is all about, or maybe, if Obama wins, used to be about is more correct.

Well, that is all I can say, other than I am praying for our country, that no matter what happens, we don’t get further divided, that we don’t go deeper in debt, and that we stay safe from those that want to harm us. I pray that whoever wins, that they will allow America to be free from the hate that so many around the world have for us, by winning this war on terrorism, and defeating this eveil enemy. Most of all, I pray that America is not only better in four years than it is now, but in 40, and not worse due to Supreme Court changes, and the other, radical left plans, and that we are not further divided but somehow closer as a people.

Well, now it is time to sit, wait and watch, whether the election is over tonight, or in a month or two, this is either the begining, or the end.