Finally, someone is going to stand up to Iran!

netanyahu Finally, someone is going to stand up to Iran!Benjamin Netanyahu has let it be known that he is not going to allow Iran to get nukes! Netanyahu has also put the ball in  Barack Obama’s court, basically stating, Stop Iran or I will. I have been waiting on this for a long time now, Netanyahu is just about the only leader in the world, and he was just sworn in, that has the balls to stand up to this crazy, extremist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Ahmad-the-nutjob as I call him, and, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei .

We all know that the U.S. is having financial problems, the whole world is, and Obama’s spending spree has made it even worse, but someone has got to do something to stop Iran from getting nukes, otherwise, our financial problems will seem trivial compared to the threat of a nuclear Iran!

I especially like this quote from Netanyahu, “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.” This pretty much puts it all into perspective, or at least it should.

demo crying babies seal thumb Finally, someone is going to stand up to Iran!For those that are of the belief, “Peace at all costs”, all I can say is, cover you eyes and ears and stick your head in the sand if you want, but someone must stand up to these evil monsters in the world. Don’t be scared. I say to Benjamin Netanyahu, “Do what you have to do, since America has been emasculated, a self inflicted injury, by electing an ultra liberal, entitlement funding, fiscally irresponsible, and basically spineless government, somebody has to do what is needed!” I mean come on, changing “The War on Terror” to “Overseas Contingency Operation” and “Terrorism” to “man-caused disasters”, is that weak or what? Thank God there is still one “leader” left in the world!