Have you ever seen a "Lovable" Conservative on the left leaning "mainstream" news channels?

fox news haters 300x180 Have you ever seen a "Lovable" Conservative on the left leaning "mainstream" news channels?Bob Beckle, the “Lovable” Liberal on Fox News, cracks me up, and my mother loves him.

This said, have you ever seen a “loveable” conservative on the rest of the so-called main stream media? Ok, the view has Elizabeth Hasslebeck, but I believe because she is the only decent looking woman on the show, but are there any others? I haven’t seen any.

My point being, as much as the left hates Fox News, they at least try to balance the points of view a little bit, and have several liberals on the staff, all of them are at least “likeable”, so why do liberals hate Fox News?

Fox News tells the whole story, without the left leaning bias and that makes Fox News look like it leans right. Liberals are just so far to the left, anything is far right to them.

Unfortunately, those that hate Fox News, never watch it, if they did, they might not feel the way that they do. I have watched all the networks, and since nobody at Fox got a “tingle” from Obama, that makes them biased? Well, I guess it does, biased toward the truth and not the Progressive Liberal talking points.