Here we go, now the government is running businesses!

wagner gm ceo 300x207 Here we go, now the government is running businesses!So, did Obama just call him up and say, “your fired” or what? I am sorry, I have no sympathy for Rick Wagner, GM has had issues for decades now, I used to sell Chevrolets, but I have always bought Ford! Funny thing is, the dealers would not let me park my ford anywhere customers could see it, I had to park behind the dealership! Sorry, had to vent a bit!

I just say that the government has NO business firing anyone!

I doubt that most people know who GM’s “target” customers are, now don’t get mad at me, this is not my view, it is what they taught us when I sold Chevy’s, well, I could try and remember the long way they worded it, but, I won’t, let me say it as direct as I can, Chevies are for the dumb rednecks,Buick is for old people, Pontiac is a sporty, more expensive version of the same stuff, and Saturn is for anyone wanting to pay extra, just so they don’t have to negotiate!

Anyway, back to the point, since GM sucked, because they let the unions run them down and take over, GM should have just filed bankruptcy and started over!  So, why didn’t they? If your business is sucking, does the FedZilla show up and bail you out? Heck no! So why do they bail out GM and Chrysler? I can sum that up in one word, UNIONS! Obama is the Union President, he got elected by the unions so, he has to watch out for them. We the People now own them!

Since GM took the bailout money, that makes them “subjects” of the Obama kingdom, so, King Obama can just call them up and fire them! Keep this in mind, if you want any Government money, “welfare”, “Unemployment” and so on, if you take it, they own you!

Now don’t get , me wrong, the problem with the unions are not the “people” that are the members, it is the leadership, the ones that the union members pay, just so they can have a job! Anyone would want a job with big “benefits”, but it is all of these entitlements that have hurt GM, and if we don’t watch out, and we let King Obama get his social issues shoved down our throats, and let him start even worse “benefit” programs for our nation, we will all be in the same boat as GM! Our Government is broke, just like GM, but they can print money! We must tell them to stop!

As I said, GM is now owned by the government, but remember who owns the government? We the People thats who, it is up to us to tell them to stop the madness! Quit spending our money! Since we own the Government, lets fire them like Obama did Wagner!