If you don't believe in God, what do you believe?

This is a serious question, think about it, If you don’t believe in God, What do you believe? The separation of church and state has been misinterpreted, intentionally, for way too long!

By taking God out of our schools, has God not also been removed from our homes? If we do not have God in our homes, how could we possibly have God in our lives? Just like that, remove God in one area, and people stop looking for God in other areas, it is a chain reaction, and the results are destroying our families, and our way of life in general, the USA is just not what it once was, our moral compass has been skewed way left.

Parents have lost control of the children, because no one has taught the kids to respect their parents and that by disrespecting their parents, they are disrespecting God!

Kids are more involved with TV Gossip and which star is sleeping with another star’s wife than what happens when their physical body dies and what comes next, all of this is happening, but has anyone asked why? The chain reaction, the net result of taking God out of our lives should be obvious, but who is behind this? Why did it happen, can it be changed back the way it was?

Today, we have a President that is openly pro Gay Marriage, just a few years ago that would be like a President practicing Satanic rituals or maybe even worse! How can this President claim to be a Christian? What is a marriage? Why is it done in a church? Let me explain, a marriage, is a contract between the man, the woman, and God, wonder why so many marriages fail? So, who would benefit from all the Godlessness? In fact, it is worse than Godless, it is anti God, who would want that? Satan, who else?

Satan got kicked out of Heaven for it once, so where does he go when God kicks him off the Earth? Oh yeah, Hell! Who else will be in Hell? I can’t say for sure, that’s not my place, but I would guess that all of those that Satan has used to deceive us and destroy our relationship with God!