Mitt Romney waves goodbye, and steps aside! Support John McCain!

mitt romney Mitt Romney waves goodbye, and steps aside! Support John McCain!Well, Mitt Romney calls it quits, for the better of the party! Many people may wonder why? He was after all in second place, and the third and fourth place guys are still in there.

Mitt did the noble thing and fell on his sword! Maybe this is a move to get the VP job? Regardless, Mitt is out, and now John McCain can get underway on his national campaign to battle the democrats.

Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul, are still running, but at this point it seems to be a futile attempt. Maybe, if everybody that was a Romney supporter, decides to go with Huckabee, and many of the remaining primaries go Huckabee’s way, he could make a showing, but that is not likely, since McCain has a giant lead, bt who knows?

Ron Paul is still raking in the money, so why quit? I am sorry, I don’t know why he even got involved to begin with.

What does all of this mean? It is time for everybody that doesn’t want Billary or Osama to be president, to get together and help McCain!

I am doing my part, I have signed up to help, and you can too! If you have an extra buck or two, to help out, or want to join me in this, go to my official McCainSpace page and sign up! If I can get 40 people to donate $5, I’ll make my goal of $200! Even better if more join in, just by promoting this page by just putting a link to it on your site, pitch in a few bucks, sign up and join my team! Make sure to register to vote and get ready for the fight! Those dumbocrats have a lot of money, and support.

If those of us that don’t want to give up in Iraq, don’t do something, Billary or Osama will surrender and the terrorists will win! As a veteran, I would never quit! This is important folks, so get involved, now is the time!

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