Oh boy, more investments! The "Spender-in-Chief" has spoken!

druggie2 300x230 Oh boy, more investments! The "Spender in Chief" has spoken!Oh boy, more investments! The “Spender-in-Chief” has spoken!

The newest one is a bit like giving a junkie free drugs to get them off of drugs! Have you heard? Get a job, but keep getting unemployment checks! This is for them to test or try out the job and see if they like it, come on, really?

Which unemployed worker does this appeal to? The ones that would vote for him anyway, that’s who! Yes, there are surely conservatives out there who are unemployed, but I cannot imagine a conservative taking a job for a “test drive”, a conservative willingly works for a living!

This sounds like college kids who had already been indoctrinated into the progressive liberal lifestyle, maybe the “occupy” types, but not someone truly wanting to work!