VP Debate: I am mad, Nobody upset me! Sarah Palin Rocks!

sarah VP Debate: I am mad, Nobody upset me! Sarah Palin Rocks!Ok, no matter which side you were on, there is an awakening!! What are the differances? Well, for the first time, there was no one to make me mad!

Whoever the host was, Gwen something, I never heard of her except for the fact she wrote a book about Obama, that is, a book that only counts if he wins, and can only then be published. I do have to say that she did a great job, was very professional, and seemed to me, to be somone that I could trust!

Anyway, this is the toughest thing I have ever written about, Biden has fought against Obama, and with McCain, and has opposed Obama so, to me the point is mute.

Anyone that thinks that Barack Obama will cut your taxes, sorry, you are mistaken! Ignoring the facts, WILL NOT change them! Barack Obama WILL RAISE your taxes!

As Biden says, Fairness, will make it OK! Fairness will cause your boss to cut costs! That will mean jobs, less jobs, why? When you pay more tax, your boss pays more tax, just to have you as an employee! You know those taxes you pay? Your employer matches them!

It is NOT all about you, it is about ALL of us!

When we all think about things, where do we place ourselves in these thoughts? Do any of us accept any blame in what has happened?

Not likely, but, it is all our fault! If you think some happy go lucky lawyer is thinking about you, then you have never been to court! Have you ever met a lawyer that you trust? I haven’t, so do not get confused! Do not get deceived!

Here is my “Interpretation” , If you have ever heard the “liberal” or “Democrat”  side of things, they always use the same terms, or phraseology, it goes back decades! Regardless of what s said, they quote what fits the situation!

Please, if you have not made up your mind, be carefu! Read, study, and DO NOT get deceived, there is too much at stake!