What is the true villain? Fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal, green energy, solar panels, Obama, Gaia, God or Satan?

goddess gaiaSolar power plant, a gas or coal plant, which takes the longest to pay for itself? Which uses private money and which needs government money to even get started?

I must admit, once upon a time I thought it would be really great to put solar panels on my roof to generate my own power, then I found out what it would cost. The amount of equipment, solar panels etc, that I would need to cover my electric needs, installation, nuts, bolts, wire, everything, came up to about $30,000, my light bill is only $200 per month.

Based on these numbers it would take 12 1/2 years to break even, right? Wrong! The panels only last about 5 years and must be replaced! Factor in those panels lost to hail, ice, or other possible damage and this sounds like a loser to me.

Now, Change the scale to a humongous solar panel power plant that takes up acres of land, and are really ugly to look at. What is the upkeep for this? What rate would have to be charged to make this profitable?

Now you see Obama’s dilemma, and why “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket” under his plan.

Go back to my $200 electric bill, what if it were a $1,200 bill per month? In that case it would only be a little more than two years to pay for itself and sounds great, right?

Coal and natural gas generate energy much cheaper, but, create those terrible CO2 gases, you know, the gases living plants, like trees or grass, need? Now, do you understand why these “man-made” global warming or now, climate change, Al Gore types had to come up with this to sell us on the new, more expensive, greener technologies?

gaia statueWhat I wonder is, why? Do they really believe man is so evil? Yes, Gaia, some sort of goddess is their thing and man is killing the earth and all of its innocent little critters, to them, man is the enemy! Think PETA. Check out this environmentalists site on Gaia The book picture is from his website.  (More Info on Gaia, here, and here.)

gaia bookHow can this be? Are they not humans too? Well, if you remove God, Jesus, the Bible, prayer etc from our schools, government, etc, that allows satan, and his minions to deceive us After all, not believing in God, Heaven and hell does not make it untrue, it just makes it easier for Satan to take as many as he can with him, he knows his days are numbered. Gaia? Come on, you would have to be deceived to believe that crap.

God created it all for us, and us for Him, to worship Him, by removing God, our nature is to worship something, so Satan can convince us that things like Gaia, Buda, Cows, Green Energy, or whatever is what we should be worshipping and not God. The use of the things He created for us, like coal, oil, natural gas, firewood, even eating meat, or wearing natural fur, or skin, like leather, for warmth, like the native Americans did, becomes evil. Here is an interesting article.

What is the true villain in this article? Fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal, green energy, solar panels, Obama, Gaia, God or Satan?