What is up with all of this racial crap?

I am sorry, maybe I missed something somewhere, I thought that since Obama got elected, we didn’t have to hear all of the “racial” crap anymore! Obviously not, watch this video and see what you think. I am just getting so tired of hearing that Barack Obama is a black man, shut up with it already, his problem is not being black, it is being a piss poor president! I don’t care if he is blue, green, or tootie fruitie, he is putting us in debt for generations, that is the problem!

What Michael Steele is facing in this video is just so wrong! It is supposed to be an interview about how Steele has reached out to Obama, but Obama is not reaching back! What happened to all of tha bi-partisen crap Obama used to shovel out at every chance he had? If I could snap my fingers and have them trade places I would, Steele is a “real” conservative, at least he always sounded that way to me. Anyway, just watch the video and see what you think!