Where did Labor Day come from?

For those that may be wondering, as I was, about the origins of Labor Day, I did a search on Google and about the only thing I found that was relevant to my query is  this, at Wikipedia.

Ok, I get it, even back in 1882, the Unions were a force to be reckoned with, and I have to say, that I almost agree with the Unions in that time, but today, I feel that Labor Unions are nothing more than a front for the mob! After all, haven’t you seen the movies? Sad to say it, the movies are at least partially correct, not all mob leaders are fat old Italian men though, today, Labor is represented by just about anyone that can strong arm their way to the top.

As you can tell, I am not a fan of the unions, I think they should be outlawed! Think about it, how much more could an employer pay an employee, if that cash were freed up to do so? I am a Texan, and proud of it, and we are a “Right to Work” state, and, we don’t pay taxes to the state either, this means businesses here, can make a profit, without the mob thugs getting their hands in our pockets, and, employers can hire more employees!

So, on to my point, I am working on Labor Day, I guess it is a protest, maybe just a statement, I am a business owner, that means, I am Labor and Management! Maybe I should see about starting a Union for small business owners? Maybe we could demand some freebies from our employees? Sounds silly doesn’t it, why can’t the other side see it the same for them? For a business owner, the rule is simple, go to work, get paid, do good work, keep getting paid, do bad work, stop getting paid, if we could only apply that to the unions. Happy Labor Day!